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What do we clean?

Blue House


Having your house's exterior and interior windows cleaned does not only get rid of dirt, fingerprints, and germs but it improves the life expectancy of your windows significantly.

Glass Window


Everyone strives for a professional image of their business. One of the first observations your customers make when entering your business is how clean it appears. 

Window Installation


Spots of concrete, oil, and other chemicals cover windows after building a new structure. Allow us to save you time and hassle by getting your newly installed windows ready to impress the crowds.

Commercial Power Wash

Power Washing

We're able to powerwash your driveway and concrete sidewalks. Your driveway is the first observation guests make when they arrive at your residence.

Cleaning a Rain Gutter


It's recommended in Kansas City to have your gutters cleaned at least once a year. This allows proper water drainage off your roof and protects the life expectancy of your property.

Installing Solar Panel

Solar Panels

When solar panels are properly cleaned, it enables the panel to store and deliver maximum energy. To get the best output out of your solar system, we recommend having them cleaned twice a year. 

Plant Mirror Reflection


We all use mirrors daily whether it's getting ready for work or giving yourself a quick look over before you leave for the day. Allow us to get that mirror spotless so you can see your perfect one-of-a-kind smile better!



Having a clean skylight provides better natural lighting in your room. This allows you to save money on your electricity bill by limiting how long you have your lights on for. 

Stacks of Windows


We are experts at cleaning window screens and screen doors. Having your screens serviced regularly improves the life expectancy of your screens and windows. Who likes dirt and cobwebs covering their windows?


High Dusting

Dust causes irritation and can be a detriment to your health. We will get rid of that hazard and create a clean professional image for you!


Window Tinting

Window Tinting can save you money on your electricity bill. You don't want to be cooking in the sunlight in your living room, do you?

Four Retro Chandeliers

Light Fixtures

We've been climbing ladders for over 30 years. Allow us to help you out and change those hard to reach lightbulbs for you!

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